5 Money-Saving Tips for Raising Chickens on a Budget

Has it ever occurred to you that your chicken might be plotting to bankrupt you with all their impossible feed demands? We’re here to ruin their plan with just a few simple tips that will keep your wallet full and your birds happy.

I-Let the chickens run around the garden as much as possible:

– Let them run around the garden as much as possible in order to lighten your load of their food by offering them a varied diet.

– In fact, they will pick up insects and weeds, and this is part of a balanced diet.

– On the other hand, it is an exercise that keeps them healthy.

II-Recovering crushed corn from farms:

– It is interesting to recover some quantities of cracked corn from the farms after the harvest.

– Cracked corn is usually used to feed farm animals, birds, or other wildlife…

– Mix cracked corn with their feed or scatter it in the lawn, just make sure it is fed in moderation

III-Use eggshells in feed:

– Chickens can eat their own eggshells, and it’s not weird at all.

– These eggshells are rich in calcium, and when they are crushed and mixed with their feed, you will ensure that they lay strong and healthy eggs.

– This is a very effective way to benefit from our egg waste and recycle it to feed your animals (or even enrich the compost for your garden)

IV-No need to buy gravel:

– When they are in the garden, chickens peck at small pebbles and sand.

– So, you don’t need to spend money to buy gravel to add to their food.

– Just keep them in the garden and let them ingest a few grains of sand that will help them grind up the harder foods.

V-Recover damaged grain bags:

– If you can salvage damaged grain bags from someone who works at a professional feed company or silo, then do so.

– These damaged bags that are just waste from the company are used to feed the chickens.

– Even if it requires payment, don’t hesitate. You will definitely be paying less than you normally do.

Published by
Jack Newman