4 Foolproof Tips for Banishing Cat Urine Odor from Your Home

Cats are the best companion you can ever get, but those comforting purrs come with a price. Let us show you how to exterminate cat urine odor.

All cat owners know for a fact that cat urine can be extremely difficult to eliminate. Those cute little furry animals are not to blame, especially if you own a male that will often spray urine on every nook and cranny to mark its territory. You heard us right! You don’t own the cat, the cat owns you!

Want to say goodbye to the annoying and unpleasant cat urine smell? Just follow our advice.

I- Use vinegar :

You are only two ingredients away from an odor-free home.

– Mix 500 ml of water with 200 ml of vinegar

– Apply your detergent to the urine stain

– Scrub well

– Let it sit for a few minutes

– Dry in the open air

II- Use coffee :

– Pour dishwashing liquid on the stain

– Sprinkle coffee grounds

– Clean well by brushing your sofa

– Rinse by wiping with a clean, damp sponge

– Now let the spot dry

The deodorizing properties of coffee will overpower the smell of your cat’s urine.

III- Cat Urine and Baking Soda :

Soda Bicarbonate means neutral odor and This is one of the qualities of our 100% natural and ecological white substance, not to mention that It’s even the easiest technique of all!

– Spread the product over the urine stain

– Let it sit for 30 minutes

– Moisten a clean cloth

– Clean and remove the excess bicarbonate

IV- Mouthwash:

And finally, we offer you a tip that will both get rid of the bad smell of pee on your sofa or carpet while freshening the whole area.

– Make a mixture of water and mouthwash

– Apply to the stain

– Scrub well

– Wipe off

– Let it dry

You no longer need to grab those expensive products anymore. All you ever needed is already at home and for zero dollars, you will exterminate all the cat urine smells that have been bothering you for a long time.

What are you waiting for? Get to it!

Published by
Jack Newman