Bleach Stain Be Gone: 2 Simple Tips to Restore Your Fabrics

Accidental spills and mishaps happen, and one of the most dreaded mishaps is a bleach stain. But don’t panic, we will show you how to restore your fabric.

Does it happen to you sometimes to stain your clothes with bleach when you are cleaning? Don’t worry, it’s recoverable. In the following article, you will learn how to neutralize the bleach stain and then remove it with two easy and effective methods.

I-Neutralize the Bleach Stain:

As soon as you see the discoloration on your garment (especially on dark-colored garments) you need to immediately take action to neutralize the bleach before it continues its effect which can damage the fabric:

– Start by rinsing the stained area with cold water to remove excess bleach.

– Then mix baking soda with water until you have a homogeneous paste.

– Spread the paste well over the entire discolored patch.

– Let the paste dry and react with the stain, then rub the area using a toothbrush.

This way you can neutralize the bleach on your fabric.

You can now start the color recovery step by either of the following two methods.

II-Restoring the Color of the Garment:

1-Restore the Color with 70° Alcohol:

This tip applies to dark-colored garments (black, dark gray, brown, navy blue…):

– Use a clean cloth soaked in 70° alcohol and apply it directly to the area around the bleach stain.

– Rub the area around the stain thoroughly with the cloth.

– Then, slide the cloth from the outside of the area inward to the center of the stain.

This application will extend the original fabric color to the area of the stain, recoloring its surface and contributing to the recovery of the original color.

2-Color Recovery Using Dye:

You can apply this method for small stains as well as large ones, making the proper choice of dye:

– Buy dye from the store, choosing the color that matches your fabric (otherwise the one that is very close to it without a remarkable difference).

– Wear an apron and gloves to protect your clothes and skin.

– First, use bleach to discolor the garment by removing its original hanging (be sure to follow the instructions for best results).

– Secondly, follow the instructions on your dye package when dyeing your garment with the chosen color.

Please note: Dyeing is usually done in a washing machine or using a tub.

III-How to Avoid Bleach Stains:

– If you are going to treat bleach, wear old clothes to avoid any kind of accident.

– You can avoid the use of bleach by using natural alternatives (e.g., White vinegar).

– Before cleaning linens with bleach, make sure that your linens can handle bleach (read the labels carefully).

– If you can use bleach on your fabric, then dilute the bleach in clean water and use it (avoid pouring the bleach directly into the laundry without diluting it).

– If you use bleach in cleaning, tell other people to be careful of the surfaces treated with this product to avoid having a bleach stain on clothes.

Don’t forget that you can always use natural alternatives for bleach that are not harsh on your fabrics and your skin as well.

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