Garden Gold: 5 Wood Ash Game-Changing Secrets

Do you know that you have a treasure in your fireplace? It is wood ash; I prefer to call it Grey Gold because it is rich in several nutrients that would transform your garden if used properly.

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During winter, most people light their fireplaces, which makes the ash accumulates, but did you know that there are many uses for wood ash in the garden? Keep reading to know gray gold benefits.

I-Wood Ash to Fertilize Soil:

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If you want to have a good natural fertilizer for your plants: use wood ash because it is rich in potassium, silica especially calcium (between 20 to 50%). It will provide your plants with all the necessary nutrients for healthy and quick growth.

II-Which Ash to Use:

You must use only the ashes from your fireplace or wood stove, that is, untreated wood. This refers to when the ash produced is burned without any added chemicals or treatments.

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III-Types of Soil:

One can’t deny that ash is beneficial for your soil and plants as well. But you need to make sure that ash shouldn’t be added to limestone-rich soils.

IV-Types of Plants:

Ash can be used to fertilize vegetables, small fruits, and fruit trees.

V-Other Advantages of Using Ash Fertilizer:

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– Slugs and snail repellent.

– Promotes fruit development.

– Don’t put in a lot of ash to avoid altering the biological balance of your soil.

– Remember to store the ash in waterproof bags. You can use them during March and April (in spring) to fertilize your plants.

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