Whiter Than White: Eliminate Yellow Stains from White Clothes

Do you know why the yellow shirt refused to hang out with the white clothes? Because it didn’t want to feel ‘pale’ in comparison! Fear not! Eliminate yellow stains from whites using only white vinegar.

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Time is enough to mark everything, whatever its value, even clothes. Over time, clothes start to become yellowish (especially light-colored clothes), which leads us to get rid of them. While there is a simple and effective way to treat and save your favorite white piece: this solution is called white vinegar, it fixes the colors of your discolored clothes and whitens them effectively.


– White vinegar.

– Water.

– Laundry detergent.

II-How to Remove Yellow Stains with White Vinegar?

1-First Method:

– Mix two teaspoons of white vinegar in 250 ml of water.

– Soak a cloth with this mixture.

– Clean the yellow marks with the soaked cloth.

– Rinse with clear water.

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2-Second Method:

– Mix 100 ml of white vinegar with 50 ml of detergent.

– Put this mixture in the detergent dispenser of the washing machine.

– Put your clothes in the washing machine.

– Start your usual program according to the program recommended for your clothes on the label.

Finally, you will be able to remove the yellow stains thanks to the effective cleaning effect of white vinegar.

That’s it! With this tip, you can easily and effectively remove discoloration from your clothes without any problems.

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