Freshen Up Naturally: 3 Lemon Home Deodorizer Recipes

Next time when life throws you a lemon, make some natural home deodorizer.

We all want our homes to smell fragrant and fresh, that’s why we are always looking for the most effective home deodorizer. However, commercial air fresheners contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to both our health and the environment. Look no further, in this article we will introduce you to a proven solution to make 3 effective and different home deodorizers based on lemon.

I-Natural Air Freshener Spray:

You can prepare your natural home deodorizer in just a few steps.

1-What You Will Need:

– 40 g of baking soda.

– 25 cl of lemon juice.

– 100 cl of water.

2-How to Prepare The Natural Spray:

– First, you need to heat the water.

– Mix the hot water with the baking soda.

– Then pour in the lemon juice and mix.

– Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

– Use this preparation to spray the air in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and on the surfaces to neutralize bad odors and provide a nice fresh air with the smell of lemon.

II-Natural Air Home Deodorizer with Lemon, Rosemary, and Vanilla

1-Necessary Items:

To make your Natural Lemon Odor Air Freshener, you need to prepare the following items:

– 3 Lemons.

– 3 stems of rosemary.

– One and a half teaspoons of vanilla.

2-How to Make The Home Deodorizer:

– Put these items in a pot with 3 liters of water.

– Put the pot on the stove to boil.

– When it starts to boil, lower the heat

– Gradually add water in parallel to the vaporization of the initial amount, so that you keep the mixture at the initial quantity.

– If you want to have another essence that you prefer, you can add other elements such as lavender or thyme, or orange peel…

After a certain time not exceeding a few minutes, beautiful smells will emerge from the preparation, carrying different scents of what you set to boil in the pot.

III-Natural Deodorizer Against Trash Can Odors:

1-What You Will Need:

– 3 Lemons.

– 50 cl of distilled white vinegar.

– Ice cube tray.

– Freezer bags.

2-How to Make the Garbage Odor Neutralizer:

– Peel the lemons and cut them into small slices.

– Place the lemon slices in the freezer (the same way you would make ice cubes).

– Do the same to freeze the white vinegar in the ice cube tray.

– Put your frozen lemon slices and vinegar in small freezer bags.

– Whenever your garbage smells bad, put the freezer bags full of frozen lemon and vinegar in them.

This way, you can neutralize the unpleasant odors coming from the garbage can.

Note: To be more efficient in terms of time and effort, you can use your freezer’s small bags.


For each of the preparations described above, you can easily eliminate the bad odors that exist in the air of the house or are released from the trash can thanks to the powerful lemon scent that spreads inside your house.

With this easy yet effective operation, you will be able to neutralize bad smells and perfume the air in your house naturally and pleasantly.

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Stacey Smith