Frizz-Free and Fabulous: Expert Tips to Taming Unruly Hair

Do you know why the frizzy-haired person never needs a compass? Because their hair is always pointed in every direction! Keep reading to know how not to be that person.

Many people suffer from hair frizz, especially when the weather is very humid or hot or when the hair gets dirty, making it difficult to style the hair. This time we are going to present you with an impressive yet simple solution, which is the experience outcome of some hairdressers.
Here’s how to prepare and apply it, so be sure to add t to your hair care routine to improve the quality of your hair.

I-What You Will Need:

– One glass of apple cider vinegar.

– One liter of water.

– A bottle.

II-Solution Preparation:

– Make a mixture of one part cider vinegar with 5 parts water.

– Pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

III-How to Use the Frizz Control Solution:

– Shake well before using to always have a homogenous solution.

– Once you have washed your hair, and you are going to rinse it, apply a part of this solution.

– Make sure the solution reaches your hair and scalp.

– Finish by drying your hair as you normally would.


– By adopting this treatment, you will effectively get rid of unsightly frizz, and you will be able to do the hairstyle you like without the discomfort of small curls.

– The detangling effect of the vinegar helps you impeccably to improve the quality of your hair.

– This solution is a simple, practical, and natural solution.

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Published by
Stacey Smith