3 DIY Banana Hair Masks for Stronger, Shinier Locks

Age, environmental factors, hormonal changes, and even water can have detrimental effects on your hair. However, have you ever considered revisiting the tried-and-true beauty tips passed down by our grandmothers to restore the quality of your hair?

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Aside from being a nutritious fruit for both humans and plants, bananas possess powerful properties that can nourish and strengthen your hair when used in a hair mask. Let’s explore three amazing banana hair mask recipes that can unlock these benefits.

I-Banana and Honey Hair Mask for Damaged Hair:

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– Begin by peeling and mashing a ripe banana with a fork until it forms a smooth paste.

– Add 3 teaspoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of milk, and 5 teaspoons of olive oil to the mashed banana, creating a thick paste.

– Apply the resulting mask to your dry hair, ensuring complete coverage, and leave it on for half an hour.

– Rinse your hair thoroughly with water and follow up with your regular shampoo routine.

– For optimal results, repeat this treatment weekly to repair and moisturize your hair, providing it with essential nourishment.

II-Banana and Egg Mask for Hair Growth:

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– Mash two or three bananas and combine them with an egg until a smooth texture is achieved.

– Apply this hair mask to your hair, scalp, and split ends, gently massaging it in.

– Allow the mask to sit on your hair for 15 minutes.

– Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, taking care to avoid excessive heat that may cook the egg.

III-Treat Dry Hair with Banana and Lemon Mask:

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– In a bowl, mash a ripe banana using a fork.

– Add the juice of one lemon and a spoonful of coconut oil, thoroughly mixing until a uniform mixture is obtained.

– Apply the resulting hair mask to your wet hair, ensuring complete coverage from roots to ends.

– Cover your hair with a bathing cap and let the mask sit for 40 to 45 minutes.

– Rinse your hair with warm water and allow it to air dry.

– For optimal results, repeat this treatment every 2 or 3 days.

Published by
Stacey Smith