Moisture-Proof Your Home: 4 Natural Solutions for a Healthy Living Environment

Humidity; the clingy friend that refuses to leave you alone, follows you anywhere you go, making everything sticky and uncomfortable. It is about time that it took the hint and left!

Without question, moisture has so many negative effects, and let’s name just a few:

– Dampness leads to the growth of mold and mildew.

– Moisture also causes structural damage to your home and spreads diseases all over.

– Don’t get us started on the unpleasant odors, which are difficult to get rid of.

I- Coarse Salt to Fight Moisture:

Coarse salt is a simple and natural way that has been used by our grandmothers as a traditional remedy to fight against humidity in enclosed spaces. It acts as a natural dehumidifier that absorbs excess moisture from the air.

– Grab a few glass jars and fill them with coarse salt.

– Place them in the corners of the room.

– Check your jars because the coarse salt will eventually get wet or even melt.

– Once it does, replace it immediately.

You can also use coarse salt as a dehumidifier with a plastic tray.

– Fill it with salt and cover it with a piece of aluminum tape, on which you make a few holes.

– Finally, place it in the room that you wish to dehumidify.

II- Baking Soda:

The second moisture exterminator after coarse salt is baking soda.

– Simply pour baking soda into small bowls.

– Place them in the corners of the room you wish to dehumidify.

– Replace the used baking soda every three days to ensure a higher absorption capacity.

This is a surprisingly practical use of baking soda, but you can also use it to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen as well as in the fridge.

III- Rice:

Our third and last remedy is rice, which is yet another natural and inexpensive way to absorb moisture from closed areas.

– Fill a bowl with rice.

– Place it in a corner of the room.

– The rice will absorb the humidity of your room naturally.

IV- Don’t Forget to Air Your House:

You are also reminded to air out your house to get rid of moisture. You can either keep windows and doors open at all times to create cross ventilation, invest in a dehumidifier that will reduce humidity levels in your home, or use natural air purifiers that can reduce humidity levels like essential oils and salt lamps.

Published by
Jack Newman