From Granny’s Kitchen: 4 Timeless Tips to Preserve Lemons

Embrace Granny’s age-old wisdom and savor the tangy essence of preserved lemons with these 4 delightful techniques – a surefire way to elevate your culinary experiences

Lemons, the zesty superheroes of the fruit kingdom! They may have a strong taste, but hey, who said being bold was a bad thing? These citrus champs are like a burst of freshness hitting your taste buds like a lemonade cannonball on a scorching summer day!

I-Harness the Power of Coarse Salt:

Who thought that a common household product for disinfecting and cleaning would be useful here?

Here is how you can preserve lemons using coarse salt:

– Start by placing the citrus fruit in an airtight container

– Add coarse salt to the container

– Now store in a cool place

The coarse salt will absorb moisture and extend the shelf life of your yellow fruit by several months.

II-Aluminum Foil Magic:

We already know that freezing lemon juice was possible, but what if you chose to freeze the whole fruit? Would this be a good idea?

Apparently, aluminum foil is a game changer when it comes to preserving lemons.

– Wrap each citrus fruit with aluminum foil

– Now place them in the fridge

This is a simple trick that will keep citrus fruit fresh for an extended period.

III-Room Temperature Storage:

Don’t be surprised, but citrus fruit can be stored at room temperature, and grandma had the right idea all along, just remember these tricks:

– Place the yellow fruit in a basket

– Separate them from ripening triggers like bananas or apples

– And don’t forget to shield them from light and heat

IV-Safely Stored in Freezer Bags:

Want to extend the life of your yellow fruit, then consider using freezer bags for a change.

– Opt for vacuum-packed freezer bags if possible

– If those aren’t available, then seal the bags and remove as much air as you can

– Keep the temperature between 4 °C and 10 °C

– And last but not least, store the bags in the vegetable crisper of your fridge

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