Unlock the Secret to Fuller Lashes and Brows

Have you been fooled by those products that promised to enhance your lashes and brows? Would you like a natural alternative that will do as promised? Read on and thank us later.

What we vouch for is a natural and inexpensive homemade product that will achieve the perfect look you desire! And the best part is that all of its ingredients might already be in your kitchen or closet.

I-Lashes and Brows VS The Super Ingredients :

– One tbsp of coconut oil.

– One tsp of Vaseline.

II-The Miracle Cream:

– In a clean bowl, mix the coconut oil with Vaseline until you get a paste.

– Massage the mix into your eye area.

– Leave it on overnight.

– The next day, rinse with warm water. And voilà!


– This remedy promotes hair growth and keeps your lashes and brows healthy

– Since Vaseline is a moisturizer, it will prevent dryness

– As for coconut oil, it will nourish the hair follicles thanks to the vitamins and fatty acids it contains

Published by
Jack Newman