5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Fresh And Clean

The maintenance of the bathroom is always one of the most difficult tasks that consume a variety of expensive chemical products which can harm you and your environment alike.

Don’t you think that it is about time that you gave up on those chemicals? In case you don’t agree, let us state some facts for you. If you are to continue using the cleaning chemical products around the house, here is what will happen:

– You might suffer from respiratory problems due to certain products that can irritate your lungs

– Skin irritation is also a possibility as some products will cause a rash or even chemical burns

– Allergic reactions: perhaps you didn’t know that you can be allergic to some cleaning products, and they can cause some major health issues like breathing difficulties or even anaphylaxis.

Now that you know about the potential risks that come with such harmful cleaning products, let us introduce some easy, inexpensive, and above all NATURAL cleaning products that will do as good a job as any other chemical product.

I- Bathtub Cleaning :

– Fill your bathtub with hot water and add white vinegar.

– Leave it for 20 minutes and then empty the tub.

– Clean the surface with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

– Then dry the tub with a dry cloth and be amazed by the results!

II-Prevent streaks on Nickel mirrors :

– mix white vinegar with water and dishwashing liquid.

– Pour the mixture into a spray bottle

– Spray this mixture on mirrors and windows and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.

III- Shiny bathroom faucets :

– Cut a lemon in half.

– Use one half to scrub bathtub or sink faucets and shower heads.

– You can also use a cloth soaked in white vinegar instead of the lemon.

– Do this once or twice a week to keep your faucets shiny.

IV- Recover tile grout whiteness:

– Apply toothpaste to your bathroom tile grout.

– Leave it on for several hours (overnight, if possible).

– Then use an old toothbrush to scrub it.

– You can also soak a brush in water and baking soda rather than toothpaste.

– Finish by rinsing.

V- Curtains:

– Remove your curtains and put them in your washing machine. (Curtains are machine washable).

– Pour half a cup of baking soda into the fabric softener tray.

– Start a wash cycle at 30 degrees.

– To remove traces of mildew, rub your curtains with a brush soaked in white vinegar and they will become perfectly clean.

Published by
Jack Newman