Homegrown Garlic 101: A Detailed Guide to Growing Your Supply

Have you ever contemplated the idea of growing garlic in your garden? If not, now is the perfect time to embark on this endeavor. Garlic, known for its easy cultivation, delectable flavor when used in recipes, and the undeniable superiority of homegrown produce, deserves a place in your garden.

Garlic, with its culinary and medicinal virtues, has become a staple ingredient in cooking and home remedies due to its potent antiviral properties. While readily available in markets, cultivating it at home allows you to enjoy its benefits at your convenience and at minimal cost.

Discover a technique that ensures an endless supply of this fragrant bulb in your garden. Read on to learn more!

I-What you Will Need:

– A head of garlic.

– A clay pot.

II-The Technique to Grow Garlic Endlessly:

– When selecting the garlic head for cultivation, opt for a large one, as it is ideal for indoor growth.

– Carefully break the head without peeling the individual cloves.

– Prepare a clay pot and fill it with enriched soil, then plant the cloves.

– Position the pot in a bright area with ample sunlight exposure.

– Water the garlic every two or three days during the initial two weeks, avoiding excessive moisture.

– Within three to six months, your plants will mature (timing depends on the variety used). You’ll notice the wilting of the plant’s flowers and the yellowing of the upper portion.

– Once you observe buds or drying bulbs, it’s time to harvest.


– Harvest the bulbs using a fork or scissors to ensure the plant remains intact.

– By following this method, you can perpetually grow and cultivate Allium sativum indoors.

– Store your harvested cloves in a dry, well-ventilated space to maintain their quality.

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