Natural Ant Repellents: Get Rid Of Ants Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Looks like ants have decided to set camp at your house! They even brought their drinks and everything. You better kick them out before they ask for the Wi-Fi password.

Exposure to certain insecticides can have harmful effects on your body. Let’s mention a few:

– Insecticides can cause respiratory problems like coughing and shortness of breath.

– They can cause environmental damage as well by contaminating soil and water.

– And here’s some more shocking news for you! They can cause Cancer!

Now you know what those chemical products can do to you, wouldn’t you be interested in the natural alternative we’re about to suggest?

I- Natural Ant repellent – Needed Ingredients:

– A jar with an airtight seal.

– A spray bottle.

– Two oranges.

– 1 lemon.

– 1 grapefruit.

– One cup of vinegar.

II- Natural Insecticide:

Follow the following steps carefully:

– In a bowl, squeeze the fruit to get the juice.

– Add the cup of white vinegar.

– Now pour everything into the jar and close it.

– Let it sit there for 1–2 weeks.

– Finally, filter your liquid to remove the pulp from the fruit and pour it into your spray bottle.

III-There You Have It!

You have successfully created your own natural insect repellent that won’t have any negative effects on you and the environment alike. You would be surprised by the results after you spray it on the spots where you often see your “arch” enemy.

Likewise, you can also use it to get rid of bad smells in your kitchen and even in the bathroom, and thanks to the white vinegar it contains, it can be an effective disinfectant.

Do not hesitate to test it out and let us know how it went!

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