Brighter Vision, Clearer Sight: Maintaining Clean Eyeglass Lenses

Keeping your eyeglass lenses clean is a never-ending battle against smudges, fingerprints, and dust. Allow us to help you win that battle.

Your eyeglasses attract dirt and fingerprints like a magnet. You probably used everything from your shirt to your breath to clean them, but that only added to your problem. Fear not, the solution is much simpler and perhaps will surprise you.

I-Ingredients That Will Work Wonders for Your Eyeglass Lenses:

– Warm Tap water

– Liquid dish soap (a few drops).

– A microfiber cloth.

– White vinegar.

II-Let’s Get to Scrubbing:

– First, wash your hands and dry them well.

– Run your glasses under warm tap water to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the lenses.

– Between your wet thumb and forefinger, put a drop of dish soap and rub both sides of the lens.

– Rinse the eyeglasses with plenty of clean water.

– Make a mixture of water and white vinegar with which you rinse your glasses.

– With a clean and dry microfiber cloth, wipe your glasses.


– Finally, your glasses are clean, and you can see the world as clearly as possible.

– Don’t worry about the vinegar smell because it goes away quickly.

– You may have noticed that This tip is really simple and costs zero dollars.

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Jack Newman