DIY Door Security: How to Use a Fork to Secure Your Home

This may seem strange to you, but using a fork for door security is a surprisingly effective DIY solution. Grab that utensil and have a seat.

In your mind, utensils belong to the kitchen and their natural spot would be next to the dish, but that rule is about to be broken when we prove to you that with a utensil, you can protect yourself from intruders.

I-I Have The Fork, Now What?:

Here is what you need other than that:

– A fork.

– A marker.

– A hammer.

– A saw.

II-Can These Items Save My Life?:

– Choose a sturdy one and make sure it has long and strong tines that don’t bend easily

– Now hold it with the tines pointed outward and the handle up against the door frame

– Insert the tines into the space between the door and frame. The tines should be angled to point up and away from the door.

– Insert it into the opening. The door should not open because the tines should snag on the frame

– Make sure the door cannot be opened from the outside by testing it.


– In this way your door becomes blocked from the inside and nobody will be able to open it from the outside even with force.

– With a simple utensil, you have ensured the security of your room or apartment.

– This is a simple trick that will save you time and money. So don’t hesitate to try it.

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