Revitalize Your Eye Contour with the Ancient Japanese Rejuvenation Technique

As you age, time can be pretty harsh on your eyes and eye contour! But how about you defy the effects of time with a simple technique

The answer you seek lies in an ancient Japanese technique that will help your eyes to regain their elasticity and firmness.

I- let’s rejuvenate that Eye Contour:

1-Massage n°1:

– Put your index finger on the ring finger and place the middle finger on the eyebrows and lift slightly.

– Hold the pressure for 7 seconds on each side.

2-Massage n°2:

– Put your index finger on the edge of your eye contour, then massage the area with small circular motions to warm it up.

– Apply pressure by pushing slightly towards the temples for 3 seconds.

3-Massage n°3:

– Gently press on both corners of the eyes.

– Without stretching or altering the skin, try to move these points perpendicularly.

4-Massage n°4:

– Bring the index finger together with the ring and middle fingers.

– Then press between the eyebrows for 6 seconds.

5-Massage n°5:

– Use the index finger with the ring finger and middle finger to apply pressure around each eye contour.

– Repeat this massage several times a day and the results will appear in the short term.

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Published by
Jack Newman