The Green Team: Uniting Cucumbers with Their Perfect Plant Companions

Companion Plants: Cucumber wingmen – because even veggies need a good entourage.

Companion planting with cucumbers is definitely a vital practice that will enhance the health and productivity of your garden. To guarantee a perfect synergy between your green cruncher and its companions, you must select compatible plant companions. For that, we’ve brought you a list of the best friends that your salad star can ever have.

I-Cucumber Friends To Get A Good Crop:


– Sunflowers provide shade for the pickles partner, especially during hot summer months. That will keep your main plant cool and happy.

–  furthermore, sunflowers offer sturdy support for their vines to climb and sprawl.

2-Beans And Peas:

– To enrich the soil with nitrogen, consider planting beans and peas.

– Pea plants also provide vertical support for cucumber vines to climb and grow.

– They provide shade as well and keep the soil cool while suppressing weed growth.


– The tall corn stalks will shield your fragile plant from the wind.

– It also helps avoid soil erosion and improves soil health.

4-Other Plants:

– Radishes can act as a bodyguard for your cucumbers and will protect them from harmful beetles.

– Dill on the other hand will attract beneficial insects like lacewings or ladybugs.

– Nasturtiums also repel pests, not to mention that they are just so beautiful you would wish to have them in your garden regardless.

II-How To Protect The Crispy Wonder:


– Radishes will repel pests thanks to their scent, which discourages pests from approaching your plants.


– Marigolds can also help control and deter pests, as they attract aphids and white flies and distract them from spreading to your main plants instead.

III-What Not To Plant Near Cukes:


In general, Potatoes and cucumbers are considered enemies. They are known to spread and take up considerable space in the garden and that leads to competition between the two for resources like water and nutrients. That leads to stunted growth for both crops.


Cucumbers and melons belong to the same plant family, and if planted closely, the characteristics of both crops will be altered and you won’t be able to preserve the pure variety of each of those crops. Better keep them separated and far from each other to avoid overcrowding and reduced airflow.

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