3 Reasons Why You Must Use Baker’s Yeast In Your Garden

Can you make bread or pizza without yeast? Maybe so, but rest assured, the result is never the same.

But did you know that your garden can benefit from baker’s yeast?  You heard us right!

Natural fertilizers are one way to do it, but baker’s yeast is a different way, as two genes from baker’s yeast can strengthen your plants and enhance their growth even in contaminated soils.

Still can’t believe this? How about we give it a try?

Just follow this simple guide and get a deeper insight into it.

I- Guaranteed Protection :

Before we talk about its role as a fertilizer, let us talk about its power against any garden pests.

You know of course that the presence of slugs, snails, aphids, and whatnot, is not at all desirable for your plants, and here is what certain pests can do to your poor plants:

– Cutworms or beetles can remove portions of the leaves

– Aphids remove plant sap

– Thrips hide on the underside of the leaves as they feed on them

Now that you know who your enemy is, let’s invite the bodyguards.

– Mix one part with two parts of sugar and honey

– Dilute it in one liter of water

– Place the mixture in containers around your plants

– The protein-rich mixture will invite insects like bees that will both pollinate and exterminate the intruders

II- Source of nutrients :

As mentioned earlier, yeast’s purpose goes beyond baking and brewing. It can perform ecological functions as well, and that is what your garden needs.

What you’ll need to grab is:

– a watering can

– a spoonful of yeast

– water


– Mix yeast with water

– Let it sit for a few hours

– Water your plants with it, twice a week

And be amazed by what is going to happen.

III- In compost :

Nothing goes to waste!

The next time you think about throwing out eggshells, salad greens, fruit, vegetable peels…etc. just don’t. as those are essential ingredients that, when paired with yeast, would speed up decomposition

So, to boost composting and speed up fermentation, put yeast in the compost

Let’s recap!

Baker’s yeast is ecological, it is a perfect alternative to the chemical products that you often introduce to your vegetable garden, then eventually, to your food.

It won’t cost you anything to use yeast and on top of all, even when expired, it is still as good if not better.

Our well-being solely depends on this planet, so let’s familiarize ourselves with such easy products that are environment-friendly and help save the planet from all the chemical products lying around.

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