Keep Your Schlumbergera Happy With Only 4 Tricks

We admit that Schlumbergera is an original plant in every way. Firstly, its name and then its shape is a blend of both cactus and flowers at the same time.

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People who are not very used to it will see this specificity. This plant is the spice pinch that brightens homes and crowns holidays. If you want to experiment with growing it at home, and it will be a great idea, here are four tips for doing so.

I- Ideal spot :
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Like us, plants have different origins, natures, and needs. Each plant needs specific conditions to be able to develop peacefully and normally. Schlumbergera is no exception, and here’s how you can make it happy:
– A temperature between 10 and 20 °C
– Enough light, but no direct sunlight
– No drafts or heat sources
– Do not move your plant from its place when it is in full bloom

II- Looking after Schlumbergera :
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If you want to take good care of your dear plants, you must always provide favorable conditions for them. Here is how you can do this:

– Water regularly and moderately every week, and do not exaggerate

– Drain the soil or the pot with clay balls, for example

– Let the substrate dry quietly for as long as it takes

– Spray water on the leaves every 48 hours

– Feed with potash every month

– Stop fertilizing after flowering

– Remove spent flowers

– Protect from pests like mealy bugs

III- Repotting method :

Schlumbergera needs to be repotted from time to time. Here are some tips to follow regarding this operation:
– Perfect timing: Spring once every two years
– Choose a larger pot each time, but not too large, as this plant likes to grow in a tight space
– Use special-quality potting soil made of sand and peat, light and well-drained, as usual

IV- Cutting stage :
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Time for cuttings! This is an essential step for your plant to thrive.
– Do it whenever you want, except in full bloom
– Cut three segments at the ends of the stems
– Let dry for a few hours
– Wait about 20 days before seeing new roots
All that’s left to do is prepare individual pots. Schlumbergera is a fragile plant that is a little demanding, but not at all hard to please. You’ll love taking care of it and have it in your home all year round, not just during the holidays. A green touch in every home means a complete picture of a neighborhood, and it’s never too much.

Try for yourself!

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