No More Blisters: 6 Tips to Stretch Shoes for Unmatched Comfort

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be challenging, especially if you have wide feet. Sometimes, even when you buy a shoe with the perfect size, you can still feel it too tight and uncomfortable. Below you will learn some tricks to stretch shoes.

Wearing tight shoes can have a lot of implications such as nerve damage, poor blood circulation, and foot deformities. Here comes the role of shoe stretching, which is a common practice to make them fit better and feel more comfortable.

Below are some tips to help you stretch shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

I-Leather Softener for Shoes Made of Leather:

– Leather softener serves you well to permit a perfect shape adaptation to your feet.

– In fact, it is a product that you spray inside your shoes then you let it act as it increases the flexibility of the leather, making it more comfortable to wear.

-This method is convenient for treating stiffness in new shoes.

– However, you should not apply it to patent shoes to avoid the leather being damaged by the steam.

II-Stretch Shoes with Newspaper:

– Dampen some newspaper.

– Put them in your narrow footwear and let them sit for a day to loosen their material.

– This is good for widening shoes to fit the shape of your feet.

III-Use Shoe Tree to Widen your Kicks:

– The use of a Shoe tree is an excellent solution for leather or suede shoes to enlarge them following the softening of their material.

– Their effectiveness is shown in their action at the level of the length as well as the width of the shoe.

– Some products such as shoe expanders are designed for this purpose to help widen the shoes and adapt them to the feet.

IV-Stretch Shoes with the Force Fit Mechanism:

– This mechanism works by exerting a force on the shoe leather to soften them in width.

– It is an effective method that consists of spreading the two sides of the shoe with a stretching wheel.

– If you use a softening product, the results will be even better.

– Also note that the smell also contributes to the deterioration of shoes and soles, it is imperative to deodorize them and of course eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweaty feet.

V-Use a Freezer Bag to Stretch Shoes:

– Fill two freezer bags with water and insert each into a shoe and place them in the freezer.

– Leave overnight to take advantage of the cold’s ability to soften the leather.

– The next day, remove your pair from the freezer.

– Leave them for some time until the ice melts.

– Use a cloth to wipe and dry your wet pair, which will then be loosened, and you will feel more comfortable when you wear them later.

– If you prefer the warmth, you can moisten your pair of ballerinas with warm water (same for your ankle boots or leather pumps…).

– Then, when you wear them, put on thick socks to stretch them.

– It’s up to you to choose between these two methods to benefit from the cold or the warmth.

VI-Applying Rubbing Alcohol:

– The woolen of some shoes can form a discomfort to the feet, which may cause injury or damage.

– To prevent this, take a cloth and soak it in a mixture of 70% alcohol and 30% water and rub it against the woolens.

– This fluid allows your feet and ankles to move with the material without the risk of injury.

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