Uniquely You: 3 Tips To Personalize and Elevate Your Smartphone’s Functionality

Elevate your everyday companion with these simple steps to unlock its full potential and combine functionality with style.

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You are a few taps away from unlocking a world of possibilities. Allow us to show you how to maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your smartphone. You’re about to experience enhanced productivity and a personal digital companion tailored to your needs.

I-When Deleted, Where Do My Files Go?

Wouldn’t you want to know where your deleted files go? They’re simply stored in a place called a ‘Recycle Bin”?

Let’s take “Samsung” as an example. Note that each application has its own recycle bin.

– ‘Samsung Gallery’ or ‘Studio’ photo application, for instance: click on the three dashes at the bottom, then on recycle bin.

– The recycle bin will open, click on the three dots at the top and then on ‘empty’.

– ‘My Files’ application: Scroll down a bit and then click on ‘Recycle Bin’, then ‘empty’.

– ‘Google Photos’: Click on ‘Library’ and then on ‘Recycle Bin’, you will find all your deleted photos.

II-Smartphone Recycle Bin:

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No matter the smartphone brand you own, you can still access its ‘Recycle Bin’ whenever you want. You just need to know how.

If it’s an Android device, here’s how to do it in a few quick steps:

– First, you need to enter the corresponding application, as previously mentioned

– Go to the ‘recycle bin’

– From there, you can either ‘Delete’ or ‘Restore’ files and/or photos.

III-How To Clear The Cache:

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By doing that, not only will you save storage space, but you will also improve the smartphone’s performance.

Follow these easy steps:

– Open “Settings”, then “Applications” and tap on “Storage”.

– You should see an option called ‘cached data’. Tap on it.

– A pop-up will appear asking if you want to clear the cached data.

– Confirm by tapping ‘OK’ or ‘Clear’.

– Wait for the process to complete, then reboot your device.

– Enjoy a better and faster smartphone after trying this easy tip.

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