Wipe Away the Past: Removing Permanent Marker Stains on All Surfaces!

Once upon a time, in a mischievous moment, your friend decided to unleash his artistic talents on your face! Little did he know the struggle you would face trying to remove those stubborn marker stains!

It is important to understand that permanent marker stains can be quite challenging to remove. The ink used in the markers is designed to adhere strongly to surfaces making it resistant to typical cleaning methods.

Little did the stubborn stains know that they are about to meet their master! Allow us to share these easy cleaning tips that will definitely save the day.

I-How To Remove Permanent Marker Stains ANYWHERE:

– For clothes, apply some hand sanitizer gel and just rub it off.

– For walls, spread a little toothpaste or hairspray on the stain, it will come right off as you wipe it.

– As for your furniture, you can remove all the marks with Milk.

– For wood, 70° alcohol is effective in removing these stains.

– For carpets, use white vinegar as it happens to be very effective in removing all types of marks.

– Plastic surfaces: a cotton ball soaked in 90° alcohol will do the trick.

– For whiteboards: Use the pencil eraser to remove the marks.

– For ceramic surfaces or glass: apply a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to get rid of the marker stains.


– Markers spots are now a thing of the past thanks to these easy tips.

– As you might have noticed, they are quite easy and quick to apply.

– You can share these tricks with your friends and family to help them avoid wasting a lot of time, effort, and money when the solution is very simple and quick.

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Jack Newman