DIY Mosquito Trap: Simple and Effective Solutions

Keep mosquitoes at bay with simple and effective DIY traps. No harmful chemicals are needed.

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Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance sometimes, disrupting activities and even affecting sleep. To effectively deal with these irritating insects, we recommend the simplest trap of all that will help you get rid of them and enjoy your time without worries.

I-Materials Needed For The Mosquito Trap:

– A 2L plastic bottle.

– 50g brown sugar.

– 5g baker’s yeast.

– 200 ml water.

II-How To Prepare The Mosquito Trap:

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– Start by cutting the 2L bottle in half

– Keep the smaller top part (about ¼ of the total size)

– Mix 50 grams of brown sugar and 5 grams of baking powder with 200ml of water

– Pour the solution into the lower part of the cut bottle

– Now place the top half over the bottom one with the neck facing down onto the base of the trap

– Fasten the two parts with glue or tape, whichever is available

– All that is left to do is to position the trap in a corner of your terrace or a strategic spot


– This simple trap will keep the bloodsuckers at bay during mealtimes or warm summer evenings

– The sweet solution will lure insects into the trap and prevent their escape

– Baker’s yeast suffocates the vampires of the insect world as well as flies, leading to their demise

– The technique is quite simple, practical, and highly efficient, providing a hassle-free way to deal with your arch enemy

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