Microwave Mistakes: 7 Foods You Should Never Reheat

The average person uses a microwave 2–3 times per day. It is used to reheat or cook a variety of dishes, but are you aware of the foods that shouldn’t be microwaved?

It is a fact that microwaves are easier to use and quicker than any other reheating method, but do you know that the bad use of your oven can cause a proliferation of bacteria in the food?

In this article, you will discover a list of foods that you should never put in the microwave.


You may think that cooking an egg in the microwave is a good alternative to keep your pan clean.

In reality, it is the opposite. When you cook an egg in your oven, the liquid inside the egg will heat up faster than the shell. As a result, it will expand and eventually explode. You will have to clean your microwave instead of just a pan.

II-Never Microwave Chili:

When you heat the chili, a chemical substance called capsaicin will be released. It is an active component that gives the pepper its spicy effect. Once volatile, this substance spreads into the air when you open the heat box door. It can therefore sting your eyes and cause you great pain.

If necessary, it is advised to put the pepper in a container without forgetting the lid to cover it.

III-Canned Food:

Canned food in metal and aluminum cans should never be put in the microwave. In general, you should also avoid putting canned food in your oven, even if it is placed in suitable containers. To reheat your canned tuna, you need first to transfer it to a microwavable plate.

IV-Processed Meats:

To have a long shelf life, processed meats contain more conservative ingredients. When you heat these meats in the oven, it causes chemical reactions that often have dangerous effects on your health. On the other hand, it is not recommended to reheat any kind of meat, including chicken in the heat box, because meats contain a lot of protein and heat alters the taste of meats. It also accelerates the growth of bacteria in these foods. For your health, better eat them cold, with chips, mayonnaise, or with lettuce.

V-Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and should not be heated in your oven. Otherwise, you risk exploding them in your oven, which causes enormous damage. Several other risks are also considered, such as gastrointestinal problems. Some vegetables like celery can even become carcinogenic if you put them in the microwave.


There is no risk if you cook mushrooms in your oven, it is very beneficial because it preserves the antioxidant nutrients. However, you should never reheat the mushrooms once they are cooked. As there is a great risk that they will swell in the stomach and will cause bloating.


In case you cooked rice in the microwave, make sure to eat it immediately, because it contains carbohydrates that attract bacteria.

Now that you know the list of foods to never microwave, make sure to stick to this list and take care of your health.

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