Maintaining the Fluff: 2 Tips to Keep Your Down Jacket in Shape

Preserve the cozy comfort and stylish appearance of your down jacket with these 2 simple tips. Ensure long-lasting shape and enjoy your jacket’s durability for seasons to come!

Many people favor jackets during winter as they provide warmth as well as style thanks to their distinctive puffy shape. However, washing them can deflate their original form. But don’t you worry, just with a few simple tricks, you’ll revive your jacket’s appearance, and it will look as good as new.

I-Restoring the Original Down Jacket Shape:

There are simple guidelines that you’ll need to follow to ensure your jacket retains its shape after washing. Many factors can impact its form, such as temperature, and spin-drying.  We’ve got a better trick that can help you keep your jacket in shape.

– In a warm room, lay the jacket flat on a drying rack

– Shake it every 30 minutes

– When it starts to dry, use a hairdryer to dry the inner parts for at least 5 minutes

II-Effective Tumble Drying:

Another useful trick involves using a tennis ball in the dryer.

– Place your down jacket in the dryer and toss a few tennis balls

– Initiate a delicate cycle

– Now after the cycle is done, shake the jacket well

– Run a second cycle to ensure an even distribution of feathers and plump up the fill

III-Avoid Drying Mistakes:

Make sure you avoid these common drying errors

– Never hang a wet down jacket on a coat hanger

– Never dry the jacket on a radiator

– Before storing it, make sure the feathers are completely dry

– Avoid dry-cleaning

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