Control Garden Pests with These 7 Natural Remedies

Garden pests are the bane of every gardener’s existence, they may destroy a lovely landscape and cause havoc to the plants. Yet, there are some natural solutions you may use to get rid of aphids and pests.

In order to provide a healthy environment for garden plants, they need to be protected from all harmful things, especially aphids and vegetable garden pests. For this last objective, we offer you some recipes to make a natural remedy to protect your vegetable garden against unwelcome pests.

I-Eliminate Garden Pests with Cinnamon:

– Cinnamon is a very effective natural solution to fight against the enemies of the earth and vegetable garden.

– Apply cinnamon essential oil mixed with water (1 to 2 spoons per liter of water) and spray your plants.

II-Onion Peels to Control Pests:

– Boil some onion peels until they become soft.

– Let cool and then strain the broth and collect the water.

– Spray the peel water on your plants to protect them from aphids and vegetable garden pests.

III-Use Neem Oil to Fight Aphids:

– Neem oil is very effective against pests and aphids due to its antibacterial and antiparasitic properties.

– This oil is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India and other countries.

– Just mix a few drops of water in a liter of this oil and spray your plants with it.

IV-Tomato Purin:

– Collect 2 to 3 kg of leaves from tomato plants and put them in a basin containing one liter of water.

– Let the mixture steep in the air for 2 to 3 days.

– Apply the mixture to your plants to get rid of crop destroyers.

V-Garlic Decoction:

– In a saucepan, pour half a liter of water, then put a few cloves of garlic.

– Bring the mixture to a boil for 5 minutes and then let it cool.

– Strain the mixture and use it to spray your plants in your garden to protect them and fight effectively against the undesirable visitors of vegetable gardens.

VI-Peppers and Water:

– Mix 3 peppers in two cups of water and pour the resulting mixture into a spray bottle.

– Wearing a mask for protection, spray the plants every 2 or 3 days.

– The bell pepper is a powerful anti-parasite due to its high content of capsaicin, and therefore the mixture will be very effective in eliminating aphids and pests.

VII-Nettle Macerate:

– Nettles are very effective in protecting your vegetable garden.

– Mix 150 g of fresh nettles with 30 g of dry nettles and apply it to protect your plants effectively.

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