Don’t Pour It Out: 4 Surprising Benefits of Egg Water

Egg water: a hidden treasure that will unlock a world of benefits. This may be the secret ingredient you never knew you needed.

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Water leftover after boiling eggs is actually a versatile and nutritious liquid that you can use in a variety of ways. How about you save it for later use? And we are about to tell you how.

I- Egg water – The Hidden Treasure :

– Cook eggs in a pot filled with water without adding salt.

– After cooking is complete, remove the eggs and collect the water.

– Let the recovered water cool to room temperature.

– Use this nutritious liquid to water the plants in your garden.

II- Results :
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– Your flowers will love this liquid as it is rich in calcium and other nutrients.

– You can use it to water your various plants in the garden.

– It can be used as a fertilizer to benefit the plants.

– it can prevent snails from invading your garden as well.

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Jack Newman