Easy and Elegant: How to Make Crêpes Like A Pro

Making crêpes doesn’t seem easy to many people as they usually end up with results like too many lumps, sticky or heavy batter, or even torn crêpes.

For this reason, we have come to you with some expert advice, so you can make the perfect pastry Every time.

I- Chasing the lumps :

– First, start with the flour and sift it to create a smooth and lump-free batter

– You can use a small, fine-mesh sieve (like the one you use for tea) if you don’t have a sieve.

– After sifting your dough, make a small crater in the middle, then gradually add the other ingredients.

II- Making Thinner, Lighter Crêpes :

– To make your Crêpes thinner and lighter, replace the equivalent of one cup of milk with one cup of apple cider.

– This gives you a smoother, softer batter that’s easier to cook with… not to mention that it will add a hint of apple flavor.

– Tip: Never add milk to the dough if you find it too thick, as it will become sticky and lose its texture.

III- Let it Sit For a while :

– Take into account that you need to let the crêpes batter rest for one or two hours at room temperature.

– If you want to minimize the resting time of your batter, then use warm or even hot milk when you prepare it.

IV- Time to Add Some Flavor :

– Extracts like Almond or vanilla will add delicious flavor. A tsp or two to the batter is enough.

– Lemon or orange zest can be a perfect addition to the batter too! Just a tbsp is enough.

– If you prefer a Chocolatey twist, then 1 to 2 tbsp of cocoa powder is the right amount.

– For fall or winter, a pinch of cinnamon will add the warm and cozy flavor you need!

Published by
Jack Newman