Coffee Grounds: 5 Brilliant ways to reuse them

5 creative ways to re-use Coffee grounds

5 amazing things to do with used coffee Grounds

Coffee must be the most popular beverage all around the world. We’re all addicted to it and can’t kick-start our day and concentrate without it.

Coffee does not only give you energy, but it also helps you stay awake even when you’re feeling exhausted.

Of course, the benefits of coffee do not stop there, as they are as good even when they are used. That is why you must reconsider their destiny, and trust us, we will convince you that it is not the trash can.

There are so many things you can do with used coffee grounds and without further ado, let us share some of our favorite uses with you.

I- Your skin needs coffee grounds :

When applied to your skin, used coffee grounds can have several positive effects, including:

– The elimination of dead cells and cellulite

– tightening the skin

– unclogging the pores

– reducing inflammation

II- Natural deodorizer:

Coffee dregs are indeed an excellent natural deodorizer. They can absorb strong smells from your oven, fridge, or microwave, for example.

In addition to that, if your hands become stinky after touching garlic or onions, just scrub them with coffee grounds and wave goodbye to all the unpleasant smells.

III- Shiny hair :

Wash your hair with this natural substance and you will quickly notice the difference. It promotes hair growth while strengthening the hair follicle, and it makes the color more intense, especially for beautiful brunettes!

IV- Compost for plants :

If you have a garden, then think again before you toss the used ground coffee into the trash can. You will certainly need it to make compost that will work as an excellent fertilizer, encouraging the growth of microorganisms in the soil

V- A good cleaning product :

Not all cleaning chores require chemical products. Wouldn’t it be much better if you used Coffee grounds instead, that way you show that you care for this planet while keeping everything clean around you.

– To clean the chimney, for example: Throw some wet coffee grounds in it, and it will quickly weigh down the ashes that will never scatter away again.

– Scratches: Remove them by rubbing a water and coffee grounds paste over the scratch then wiping it off

Now you know that used Coffee grounds are not to be thrown away as they will help you a lot in some household tasks, especially in keeping your skin, hair, and garden looking good. No need to spend a fortune on countless harmful products.

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