Broken Keys and Locked Doors: How to Extract a Key Stuck in a Lock

One of the most common yet frustrating problems that can arise at crucial moments is dealing with a broken key stuck in a lock. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation without knowing what to do, this article is here to help.

Having a broken key can quickly escalate into a major issue, especially if you’re faced with an urgent situation where you need to access a locked door promptly. Typically, you might feel inclined to seek the assistance of a locksmith, which can be costly and time-consuming. However, with an effective technique in your DIY arsenal, you can save yourself the hassle and solve the problem on your own. Let’s explore a smart method to efficiently remove a broken key from a lock.

I-How to Remove the Broken Key:

– Begin by applying a small drop of superglue to the end of the intact portion of the key.

– Carefully insert this end into the lock, making sure it aligns with the broken piece.

– Apply gentle pressure for approximately 60 seconds or longer to allow the key to bond together.

– After a minute or so, carefully remove the key from the lock, and you’ll find that the broken pieces have reconnected.

II-The Technique Results:

Voila! With this simple yet ingenious trick, you can successfully retrieve a broken key from a lock without needing to rely on a locksmith, endure waiting times, or incur additional expenses.

Remember, by keeping this DIY solution in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to handle a broken key situation efficiently and save yourself unnecessary trouble.

Published by
Stacey Smith