Revamp Your Ride: Effective Methods For Removing Car Scratches

Car scratches are a common occurrence for many car owners. Wouldn’t you want to see them disappear?

Surface scratches are less severe and can be repaired using products that you can make at home. You heard us right! No need to get any expensive product that does not fulfill its promises. From now on, you can address car scratches at home and ensure that your car looks great for years to come.

I- Remove scratches with toothpaste :

– spread a little toothpaste on the scratched areas of your bodywork.

– Wipe the toothpaste-covered areas with a cloth. That will reduce the appearance of minor scratches

II- The scratch pen :

– Affordable correction pens can remedy the situation.

– For this, use a correction pen to fill in scratches and scuffs.

– You need to make sure you choose the color that matches the car’s body color.

III- Baking soda :

– If you have scratches on windshields, lights, or windows, consider baking soda solution.

– Spread some baking soda on a damp sponge and carefully rub the areas in question.

– Now all you have to do is wipe them with a clean, dry cloth.

IV- Car Polish :

– You can apply high-quality car polish to restore the shine to the paint finish

– Apply it to get rid of scratches on your car body.

V- Red polish :

– The polish is available in powder or in the shape of small bricks.

– It is designed to restore the shine and gloss to a car’s paint finish

– You will also get the same results when you apply it.

VI- Wet newspaper :

– Roll newspaper into a ball.

– After moistening the ball of paper, gently rub the scratched area, which will be well treated under the light abrasive effect of the paper.

VII- Wooden furniture polishing cream :

– Pour a few drops of wood furniture polishing cream on a cloth

– Wipe it over the scratched areas to fill in the minor scratches on the car’s surface

VIII- Clay stone :

– Wrap your finger with a cloth and scoop out some of your clay stone.

– Dab it on the scratch you want to remove from your car body, and you’re done.

IX- Cigarette ashes :

– Prepare a wet rag and roll it into a pad.

– Roll the rag over the cigarette ash.

– Apply it to the scratches on the car’s body.

– This is an excellent method for removing micro-scratches.

X- Paint :

– In case the scratch is deep, it is better to fill it with paint of the same color.

– Wipe off the excess using a cotton swab and sand lightly with sandpaper.

XI- How to repair the windshield if it is scratched :

– The windshield may become scratched with time, and that makes it harder for you to drive the car.

– To remedy this, you can refer to the toothpaste, baking soda, or cigarette ash methods.

XII- If the plastic is scratched, what can I do ?

– Just like the bodywork, lights, windshield, and windows, plastic parts can be scratched.

– The interior of the car and the dashboard tends to get scratched by a multitude of factors like metal objects, dirt that gets trapped, children, and even pets.

-You can remedy that by applying a cloth soaked in soapy water to get rid of small surface scratches.

– Otherwise, you can refer to the other techniques already mentioned to treat scratched plastic (even deep abrasions).

Published by
Jack Newman