Zipper Unlocked: 3 Easy Methods

Unlocking a zipper is a breeze with these three easy methods. They are simple, versatile, and time-saving, preserving your belongings while also being budget-friendly.

Stuck zippers are a common and frustrating issue that many people encounter with clothing, bags, accessories, and other items that use zip fasteners. A zip can get stuck for various reasons, including fabric caught in the teeth, misalignment of the zip tracks, a damaged or worn-out zipper slider, or debris obstructing the zipper’s movement.

I-Candles to Unlock a Stuck Zipper

– First, you need to get an unscented white candle.

– Make sure the zip doesn’t have any obstructions, fabric snags, or misalignment. In case you notice any of these, try to fix them before doing the candle method.

– Once you fix these issues you can apply the candle wax, rub the candle on both sides of the blocked zip gently.

– Now test the zip by pulling it up and down the track several times to make sure it is fixed.

– If you notice any excess wax, you can wipe it using a clean cloth or paper towel.

II-Soapy Solution

– For this unlocking method, you need to get a plain, unscented soap.

– Rub the soap gently along both sides of the zip teeth, to create a thin, even layer of soap avoiding buildup.

– The soap acts as a lubricant to reduce friction and help the zip slide smoothly.

III-Use a Pencil

– To unlock a stuck zip, you need a sharp standard graphite pencil.

– Rub the graphite on both sides of the zipper teeth, then pull it up and down.

– Try moving the zip up and down to test it and see if it is moving smoothly.

Please note that regardless of whether you are using a candle, soap, or pencil to unlock the zip, make sure not to use the substance excessively to avoid transfer onto the fabric which will cause stains.

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