Complete Guide: 5 Tips To Boost Wi-Fi in Every Corner

Improve your Wi-Fi and extend it to the whole house for smoother internet browsing, faster streaming, and seamless connectivity in every corner of your home!

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It is time to unlock a world of possibilities! Say goodbye to frustrating dead zones and sluggish internet speed. Upgrade your Wi-Fi and extend it to cover your entire house with our cost-effective solutions that are easy to set up and maintain.

I-Elevate Wi-Fi Excellence: Avoid TV Proximity:

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– The first thing you need to do is to steer clear of placing your router near the TV

– When electronic components like TVs interfere with the router’s signal, your internet connection will become weak

– Home appliances like microwave ovens for instance can also hinder your Wi-Fi’s performance

– Metal elements like fridges and washing machines can attenuate your Wi-Fi’s strength and cause disruptions

– Remember to keep your router away from TVs and metal appliances to minimize interference and signal attenuation.

II-Maximize Signal Performance: Embrace the 5 GHz Band:

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– Opt for switching to the 5 GHz band to optimize your Wi-Fi performance

– Most routers today offer two different frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

– Many devices tend to connect to the 2.4 GHz band, which is often overcrowded and less powerful

– Switch to the 5 GHz band to experience less interference and connection slowdowns

– This way, you shall ensure seamless access to your internet connection and possibly elevate your Wi-Fi experience

III-Amplify Signal Reach: Upgrade Your Router’s Antennae:

– Consider upgrading your router’s antennae to enhance your Wi-Fi coverage

– Note that most routers including yours come with small antennas that transmit and receive Wi-Fi signal waves

– Try to understand the capabilities of your antennae (small ones typically emit signals at a strength of 3 to 4 dB)

– If you want to significantly improve your signal, then you must switch to an antenna that can reach up to 9 dB

– Don’t try to replace small with massive hoping to make a difference, but choose the correct antennae that is compatible with your router

IV-Rejuvenate Your Router: Weekly Restart for Wi-Fi Wellness:

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– Don’t hesitate to give your router a weekly reboot to refresh its hardware and software components

– A simple action that can breathe new life into your router’s signal and ensures a more stable and robust connection

– The restart of the router can also clear out any lingering local IP addresses from previous connections, which prevents potential conflicts and client issues

– All you need to do is to switch off your router, leave it off for about 30 seconds then power it back on, and voila! Your router is ready to deliver optimal performance once again

V-Seek ISP Support: Empower Your Internet Connection:

– You’ve tried every possible solution and still grappling with connectivity woes? How about you reach out to your Internet Service Provider for assistance?

– The ISP helpdesk and technicians possess the expertise to analyze every aspect of your router, its configuration, connection settings, and even your line quality

– They can swiftly identify and resolve all your issues without even visiting you. Should remote intervention not suffice, your ISP will dispatch a knowledgeable technician to conduct a thorough on-site assessment, employing advanced diagnostics to swiftly pinpoint and address any challenges

– Contact your IPS without delay, and rest assured that professional support is at hand to tackle any obstacles hindering your online experience

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