Safeguard Your Screen: 6 Tips to Clean Your TV Without Scratching

Ensure your TV screen stays flawless and scratch-free with these trusted tips for gentle and effective cleaning.

Your TV screen will surely collect dust, debris, and fingerprints, and for that, it is crucial to clean it and preserve its picture quality. However, being a fragile home appliance, it is important to approach cleaning with caution due to the display panel’s sensitivity. Here are 6 different professional tips that we’ve compiled for you to clean your TV screen without harming it.

I-Preparing for Safe Cleaning:

– Make sure you take certain precautions before you start cleaning your TV

– Turn off and unplug your TV to avoid electrical mishaps

– Let your appliance cool down after unplugging it to prevent dust from adhering to the screen due to static electricity

II-Utilizing a Microfiber Cloth:

– Use a microfiber cloth or any other kind of cloth used for eyeglass lenses when you clean the TV screen

– This type of cloth helps remove dust without causing any scratches as it is lint-free

– Avoid any kind of abrasive materials, so you don’t accidentally damage the display panel’s surface

– Do not use sponges, paper towels, toilet paper, or old towels for cleaning

III-Recommended Cleaning Products:

Here, natural solutions would be a perfect choice, and we recommend the perfect duo of white vinegar and water to clean your TV.

– Start by mixing white vinegar with water and soak a microfiber cloth in the solution

– Wipe your screen with the damp cloth then use another dry one to remove all kinds of traces

– Do not spray the solution directly on the screen to avoid any color discoloration or seepage

– There are specialized screen cleaners and wipes that are also available and designed by manufacturers

– You can find such cleaning products in supermarkets in the form of wipes or gels

IV-Effective Cleaning Technique:

– Make sure to employ gentle pressure when cleaning the display panel

– Opt for vertical and horizontal cleaning motions instead of circular ones

– Do clean the top part of your TV as that is where dust tends to accumulate

V-Addressing the Back of the TV:

– Once you’re done cleaning the display panel, it is time to address the back of the TV

– The back side is a common dust and dirt trap that requires cleaning

– You can use the same cloth and vinegar-water solution for this task

– Focus on cleaning the ventilation holes for proper airflow and performance

– A vacuum cleaner on low pressure can be of great assistance to you in the cleaning process

VI-Cleaning the Remote Control:

– Are you done with the back of the TV? Now it is time to attend to its vital accessory: the remote control

– Use yet another cloth dampened in the vinegar-water solution to wipe it down

– Pay extra attention to the buttons and spaces between them as they are prone to grease buildup

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