With Onion Socks, sweat out toxins and sleep better

We’re all familiar with those age-old remedies passed down from our grandmothers, and one of them involves a peculiar trick of placing onions in your socks at night. Have you ever heard of it?

Our feet possess an intricate network of blood vessels that connect to every organ in our bodies. This has led to the belief in certain alternative medicine practices that applying substances like onions to the feet can have therapeutic effects on various organs and systems within the body. Curious to learn more about why you should try the onion sock remedy? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it and its potential benefits.

I- What You Need :

– An organic onion.
– A pair of socks.

II-How to Apply Onion Socks?


– Start by peeling an organic onion and cutting two slices or rounds.

– Take one slice and place it flat under the arch of your foot.

– Put on a sock, ensuring it fits snugly to keep the onion slice in contact with your skin.

– Repeat the same process with the other foot, using the second slice.

– Leave the onion socks on overnight and remove them the next day.

III-Benefits of Onion Socks:

– This nightly application can provide relief and help alleviate pain.

– The power of this organic vegetable is believed to aid in treating colds and other symptoms associated with fever.

– It’s a natural, practical, and highly effective remedy.

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Stacey Smith