Hairbrush Hygiene : The Essential 3-Step Cleaning Routine

Ensure your hair’s radiance and cleanliness by embracing a quick 3-step routine to keep your hairbrush pristine and your locks looking their best.

Did you know that regular cleaning of your hairbrush is essential? Its cleanliness directly influences your scalp and hair health, as well as the outcomes of your styling efforts. And we should not forget that a properly cleaned brush extends its lifespan. Read on and learn how to keep your hairbrush in top shape.

I-Removing Hair From Your Hairbrush:

– Manual Hair Removal: After each use, manually extract trapped hair using your fingertips.

– Comb Prevention: Utilize a comb to proactively prevent hair from accumulating in the brush.

– Effortless Prevention: Run a comb through the brush to minimize hair buildup.

– Excess Removal: Efficiently eliminate excess hair to maintain a clean and effective brush.

II-Cleansing Your Hairbrush to Eliminate Grime:

Once you remove hair from your brush, proceed to give it a comprehensive cleansing treatment

– Don’t forget that your brush accumulates dust, oil, and dirt and not just bristles

– Start by preparing the bowl of lukewarm water

– Add 1–2 drops of clarifying shampoo to the water

– Now gently shake the mixture

– Immerse the brush in water for a while if it has plastic or metal-plastic components

– As for the ones with fabric padding, submerge all but the padding in water

– Repeat the process of soaking and shaking to ensure a thorough cleanse

– If the brush is made out of wood, be careful as water can harm the wood

– Now if the brush is found adequately clean, proceed to the drying phase

– If not, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the brush and then rinse and dry it.

III-Drying Your Hairbrush:

Now it is time to ensure that your hairbrush is thoroughly dried to prevent any residual moisture

Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the brush and remove the remaining water

– If the brush is made out of plastic or plastic metal, position it upside down on a towel

– Allow the brush some time to air dry naturally over several hours

– In case the brush has a soft padding at its base, use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process

– And for the wooden brushes, use a hair dryer but on a low-heat setting

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