A Juicy Secret for a Shining Bathtub: Grapefruit and Salt Combo!

Say goodbye to bathtub blues and embrace the grapefruit and salt extravaganza!

The zesty duo will turn your cleaning routine into a citrusy adventure. Trust us on this one! Your bathtub will be quite pleased and impressed.

Get ready for a type of clean that is so refreshing that you will feel like you’re bathing in a tropical paradise.

I-Let The Cleaning Magic Begin:

– Grab a grapefruit and cut it in half.

– Sprinkle its halves with coarse salt.

– We recommend you sprinkle salt on the rusty spots as well.

– Scrub the bathtub surface with the grapefruit and apply pressure to allow its juices to come out.

– Make sure you collect and re-use the salt that slides down the tub.

– If stubborn stains persist still, then apply the Pomelo peel directly on those spots to have them removed.


– And voilà! All the stubborn stains that used to drive you nuts have now been erased.

– This can be considered a fun and unique experience that adds a touch of creativity to what used to be a dull cleaning routine.

– By resorting to nature, you create a safer chemical-free environment for you and your family.

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Published by
Jack Newman