Make a Natural Dual-Action Food Moth Repellent

Introducing the ultimate solution to your food moth woes: a natural and potent dual-action repellent that provides double the power in keeping these pesky pests away.

This innovative dual-action food moth repellent combines the power of natural ingredients to provide an effective defense against food moth infestations. It harnesses the potency of plant-based extracts known for their repellent properties, making it a safe and eco-friendly solution for your home. The dual-action formula not only repels adult moths, but will leave your home smelling nice and refreshing.

I-What You Will Need

– Lemon essential oil

– Coconut oil

– Distilled water

– Cotton pad

– A spray bottle

II-Making a Natural Food Moth Repellent

– In the spray bottle add 20 drops of lemon essential oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and add an equal amount of distilled water.

– Shake the bottle well until you make sure all ingredients are well mixed.

– Use the spritzer bottle to spray the food moth repellent in areas prone to infestations like the pantry, kitchen cabinets, and the outside of storage containers.

– You can dampen a cotton pad with the mixture and leave it on the pantry shelves.

– Make sure to reapply the repellent as needed, especially after cleaning or food restocking, to keep the effectiveness of this formula.


– By following these simple steps, you can make a natural and powerful food moth repellent to preserve your rations.

– The strong citrus scent of lemon essential oil will deter moths and other pests.

– With this technique, you will create a natural deodorizer for your kitchen.

– This natural method is guaranteed to eliminate moths in a natural and non-invasive way while spending the least costs.

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Published by
Stacey Smith