No Time to Waste: Torch 200 Calories in 180 Seconds with These Exercises!

Excess weight is just like a suitcase full of rocks weighing you down, and every task feels like a Herculean effort.

Perhaps the time has come to torch some calories, ditch all the extra weight, and start shredding those extra pounds you carry around. We have come up with the best exercises to achieve such results in no time. What are you waiting for? Start lightening your load and save all the gym money.

I-Set Calories On Fire with The Knee Lift:

The knee lift exercise is a simple exercise that targets the lower abs and quadriceps.

– Lift one knee towards your chest and remember to keep your back straight.

– Lower that knee down and repeat with the other knee.

– Do as much reps as possible and increase the challenge bit by bit.

II-Jump Squat:

A good exercise that combines both regular squats and explosive jumps. Quite the calory burner.

– Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart

– Lower your body into a squat position.

– Once you reach the bottom of the squat, jump up.

– While jumping up, extend your arms above your head, then land softly.

– Repeat the exercise as much as needed. That will help with your cardio fitness.


– Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

– Take a step forward with one foot while bending the knee.

– Keep lowering your body until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

– At that moment, your back knee should be just above the floor.

– With your front heel, push back up and return to the starting position.

– Keep alternating legs for as long as you can.

IV-The Step Exercise:

The exercise can be done anywhere as long as there is a step or an elevated surface.

– Place one foot on the step.

– Then step up onto it.

– Make sure you extend your legs and engage your glutes.

– Step down with that same foot, then repeat on the other side.

V-Jumping Jack:

– Stand with your feet together and arms by your side.

– Jump up while extending your arms above your head and your feet out wide.

– Jump back to the starting position and bring your feet together and lower your arms.

– Repeat as many times as necessary, and make sure you land gently after you jump.

– No better exercises to scorch calories and ignite your metabolism.

VI-Mountain Climber:

– Start in a plank position with your arms straight.

– Bring one knee to your chest and maintain a tight core.

– Now switch and bring the other knee up while extending the other leg back.

– Continue switching quickly between your legs as if you are running in place.

– Note that the quicker the exercise, the more difficult it gets.

– 30 to 50 seconds are enough to increase your heart rate and burn those calories.


Time to work your entire body with this multi-movement exercise.

– Start in a standing position.

– Squat down with your hands on the floor.

– Kick your feet back into the plank position.

– Return your feet to the squat position.

– From there, leap into the air.

– Repeat the exercise as long as needed.

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