Blast Away Belly Fat In Less Than A Month With 9 Exercises

Swimsuit season is upon us! Banish the belly fat and unleash your inner ab-solute Superhero.

Excess belly fat can be a stubborn and frustrating challenge, and not only does it affect your appearance, it also poses some serious health risks that include heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

It is important to understand the struggles linked to belly fat to motivate yourself to take action and improve your overall well-being. We’re here to accompany you every step of the way toward a healthier, happier, and slimmer you.

Let’s start with perfect exercises that will banish belly bulge and replace it with a flatter and more defined stomach.

I-Beginner Level:

1-Reverse Crunches:

– Lie on your back with your knees bent and arms by your side.

– Exhale, lift your legs and bring them towards your chest.

– As you lift your legs, curl your hips toward your chest.

– Inhale and slowly lower your legs and hips back to the initial position.

– Do as much reps as possible and focus on engaging your abs.

2-Plank Exercise:

– Position yourself on the floor, face down.

– Extend your legs back and make sure your body stays straight from head to toe

– Hold this position for as long as you can keep a proper form

– Make sure your back stays flat and when finished, slowly lower your knees to the ground

Planking can be quite a challenge to your body, but it remains one of the most effective exercises that guarantee a better posture and stronger core.

II-Intermediate Level:

1-Finger-To-Toe Exercise:

– First, lie on your back with arms and legs on the floor

– Stretch your legs up as far as you can. Make sure they remain straight.

– Then stretch your arms and try to join your fingertips to your toes while keeping your stomach muscles contracted

– Start with 15 reps and work your way up.

Note: for this exercise to work correctly, you must never lift your back off the ground.

2-Scissors Exercise:

– Lie flat on your back and extend your legs up toward the ceiling.

– Keep your hands by your sides with palms facing down.

– Lower one leg and keep it hovering a few inches off the ground.

– Now lower the opposite leg while lifting the other one toward the ceiling.

– Continue alternating the leg movements and maintain a steady pace.

– By continuously doing this exercise, you will keep your core engaged.

– Do as much reps as you can to strengthen your core and target your abs.

III. Advanced Level To Get A Flat Stomach:

1-Cobra Exercise:

– This time, you will lie flat on your stomach.

– Place your palms on the ground and keep your legs extended behind you.

– Try to lift your upper body off the ground while keeping your lower body relaxed.

– Hold the position for a few breaths before slowly lowering your upper body to the ground.

– Repeat this exercise as much as needed.

2-Leg Swing:

– Lie on your back on the floor with your arms on your sides.

– Put your legs together and lift them 5 cm off the ground while taking a deep breath.

– Swing the legs to the right side and then back to the center.

– Then swing the legs to the right side and return to the center.

– You can start by doing 3 sets of 15 reps.

3-Rotary Squat:

– Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart

– Extend your hands in front of you to maintain balance.

– Lower your body down into a squat position as if you are about to sit on a chair.

– As you come up, rotate your upper body to one side.

– Now return to the center and repeat the squat.

– This time, rotate your upper body to the opposite side.

– Continue alternating the twisting motion with each squat.

4-Medical Ball Swing:

As you might have already noticed, you will need a medical ball to target multiple muscle groups including the core and hips.

– Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart.

– Bend your knees slightly and hinge forward at the hips.

– Swing the ball from the top of your head to the bottom, passing it between your legs.

– Then return to the starting position.

– Continue swinging the medicinal ball for a desired number of reps.

5-Abdominal Support:

For this exercise, you will need a chair.

– Sit on a chair and put your hands firmly on the edges.

– join your legs and lift them two inches off the floor to engage your core muscles.

– Now, try to lift your buttocks by resting your whole body on your arms.

– Maintain that position for a few seconds.

– Then release and return to the initial position.

– Perform a desired number of reps to target abdominal muscles and lower abs.

IV-Important Tips:

– Warm-up: Always start with warm-up sessions and make sure they include cardio exercises and dynamic stretches to improve flexibility.

– Hydration: Stay hydrated before, during, and after the exercise to support optimal performance and help maintain overall health.

– Rest and recovery: Don’t forget to listen to your body’s signals and give yourself enough time to recover and regain energy. This allows your muscles to repair and rebuild.

– Get enough sleep: Get adequate sleep to allow your body to recover. Sleep is quite important for muscle repair, hormone regulation, and overall well-being.

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