Wall Slimmers: Slimming Down with 4 Effective Wall Workouts

Transform your fitness routine and ignite fat loss with these simple and effective wall workouts.

Many people struggle to find time for fitness and proper workout, especially if you’re a busy man or woman and juggling work and family responsibilities already! We’ve got you covered with a good set of workouts that can be easily practiced at home without needing to hit the gym or provide any specialized equipment. Now you can effectively eliminate fat and maintain a healthy, fit body. Enjoy the convenience of these wall workouts and witness impressive results in no time.

I-Triceps Wall Push-Ups:

– Start by standing a short distance from the wall

– Make sure to leave about half a meter of space

– Place your arms flat on the wall, shoulder-width apart

– Keep your arms straight and in line with your shoulders

– Now perform arm flexion by bending the elbows, bringing your body closer to the wall

– Finish by extending your arms back to their initial position

– Repeat this workout at least 10 times to target your triceps, arms, and abs

II-Wall Mountain Climbers:

– Start with a kneeling position with your feet facing the wall

– Place your hands on the ground and move one foot toward the wall

– Lift your pelvis off the ground and balance your hands and the other foot

– Engage your core by keeping your shoulders stacked over your wrists

– Now bring one knee towards your chest and draw it close to the wall

– Now gently rotate it back to the starting position

– Repeat the same workout with the other knee to target lower body muscles

III-Wall Leg Raise:

– Place a mat next to the wall and sit on your buttocks against the wall

– Extend your legs upwards, adhering to the wall’s surface

– Hold your legs at a right-angle position to the wall, ensuring your back is well-supported

– Hold this position for around 10 minutes. It will strengthen your spine and improve circulation

IV-Wall Bridge Workout:

– Start by lying on your mat with your buttocks positioned about 30 cm away from the wall

– Place your feet against the wall and bend your knees at a right angle

– Now extend your arms towards the floor

– Lift your buttocks off the ground while extending your left leg toward the ceiling

– Hold that position for a few seconds, then lower your buttocks back down

– Repeat the workout, but this once, extend your right leg upwards

– This workout will engage your core and strengthen your abs

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