Rescue Your Wet Phone in 3 Easy Moves

Act promptly to save your wet phone, learn these 3 simple moves to rescue your phone and restore your data.

A phone can get wet through accidental spills, rain exposure, dropping it in water bodies, high humidity, water activities, splashes, sweat, condensation, or keeping it in wet bags/pockets. Preventive measures like using waterproof cases and being cautious around water can reduce the risk of water damage.

When a phone gets wet, it can experience short circuits, corrosion, component damage, battery issues, screen damage, data loss, malfunctioning buttons, speaker and microphone problems, software glitches, and voided warranty. Acting promptly and employing proper drying techniques can help minimize or avoid these potential harms.

I-How to Save Your Wet Phone

– This method has proven efficiency to restore a wet phone, in no time and without breaking the bank, plus you won’t have to go to professionals to do it for you.

– And guess what, you only need rice and some patience.

– First, you need to avoid shaking your phone and power it off.

– Using a clean paper towel, pat dry the phone from the outside, then dismantle it and dry the inside.

– Fill a bowel with rice, then burry the phone in it.

– Leave the phone in rice for at least a day then take it out and turn it on, and it will be functioning properly ad always.

– The rice’s high starch content helps to absorb the moisture.

II-Common Mistakes to Avoid

– Remember to follow these steps in the same order to guarantee the best results. Yet, there are a couple of mistakes you need to avoid making the situation worse and further damage your phone.

– Do not freeze the phone, it will only freeze the water, not absorb it.

– Do not heat the phone with the aim to evaporate the water.

– Act quickly and do not waste time.

– Remember, time is of the essence in such situations.

– The rice technique combined with few tips will rescue your device. And save your personal data stored in it.

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