Trim Hips, Define Waist: 6 Exercises for a Shapely Figure

Achieve your desired silhouette with just 6 focused exercises to slim your hips and define your waist.

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A simple diet is not only sufficient to trim your waist and hips, as this requires much more than dietary changes. Whether you are at a post-pregnancy stage or after significant weight gain, reintegrating exercise is crucial for swift weight loss and for that, we offer you specific workouts designed to primarily reduce your hips and sculpt your waistline to perfection.

I-Elevated Leg Raises:

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– Start in an all-fours position with your hands and knees on the floor

– Extend one leg straight back and align it with your torso

– Maintain the same pose for 20 seconds and then switch legs

– Do several sets of this exercise in order to target your hips effectively

II-Hip-Reducing Lunges:

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– Lunges are among the best exercises as they engage your hamstrings and glutes

– Step forward with you’re your foot and then return to the starting position, lifting back the heel

– Keep your upper body upright and lower yourself with emphasis on your heels

– Perform 10 lunges on each leg and switch sides in sets of 10 for a total of 5 sets

III-Bicycle Crunches:

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– Start by lying on your back with your hands behind your head

– Lift your upper body slightly and mimic a cycling position with your legs

– Maintain the crunch positions and repeat the exercises as much as possible

– The reps will help burn calories and strengthen your core

– The activity contributes to hip reduction and thigh toning

IV-Modified Squats exercise for Hips:

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– Squats are a good exercise that engages various body muscles

– They can also be performed using only body weight

– For added challenge, incorporate elastic bands to increase resistance

V-Pelvic Lifts for a Trim Waist:

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– Sheeting exercises effectively target the back, abdomen, and waist

– Lie on your side with your elbow supporting you

– Elevate then gently lower your pelvis without resting on the ground

– Aim for 10 to 15 reps to engage and eventually slim the hips

VI-Lateral Lunges for Hip Width:

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– Side lunges are effective for working the width of your hips

– Stand with legs parallel to your shoulders, hands on your hips

– Lower yourself sideways, feeling the stretch and contraction in your pelvis

– Switch sides and do 12 reps per leg with 20-second breaks between sets

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